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Great websites that lead you to fun activities and interesting stuff.

White House for Kids 
Fun quizzes and games from the White House site.

National Geographic Kids' Site 
News, games, activities, experiments, cartoons, coloring books. Great feature articles.

The Little Animals Activity Centre 
Play a word game with Digby Mole, a numbers game with Count Hoot, read a story with StoryBear, or play a music game with Foxy Dancer.  

Time For Kids - Games 
Show what you know about U.S. states as you race to the finish line in the Great State Race. Show what you know about presidents by playing the Be the Nominee game. In the Headline Deadline game help the reporter find her school's missing mascot.

San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site 
Fun with music! Learn about symphonies. Listen to different instruments play. Compose your own music. Click "Radio" to hear some of the world's best music.

Play games, read books, read a biography of Dr. Seuss. This is a site based on the works of Dr. Seuss.

Literacy Center 
Great games for Kindergarten! Letters, numbers, shapes, colors, writing.

Great educational games for kids.

Sports Illustrated for Kids 
All about sports for kids.

Crayola Kids 
Arts and crafts, games, quote of the day, jukebox, card creator, color corner, coloring and activities!

PBS Kids Games 
Fun games - matching, coloring, shapes, design a cereal box, music, and much more.

Math Magician Games  
Basic fact website

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