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For All Grades Science

All Science Areas:
Geography for Kids

States of Matter:
States of Matter Web Sites
Matter: Gases Liquids Solids

Kindergarten Science

Characteristics of Matter:
Sorting and Using Materials
Grouping and Changing Materials
Characteristics of Materials

Living and Non-Living:
Sort Living and Non-Living
BBC Living Things Activities
Sort Living and Non-Living Things

Characteristics of Plants and Animals:
Games: Plant and Animal Differences
Animal Characteristics Game
Drag Plants and Animals Into Groups

1st Grade Science

Butterfly Instructions:

Butterfly Activities

Life Cycles:
The Great Plant Escape
Seed Growth
Children's Butterfly Site
Where Do Butterflies Come From?
Grow Up Game

States of Matter:
Solids Liquids Gases


2nd Grade Science

Physical Science:
Gases Around Us
Science Projects: States of Matter
Harcourt:  Gas, Liquid, or Solid
NeoK12 States of Matter

Living Things:
NeoK12 Animals and Wildlife
NeoK12 Plants
Growing Plants
Plants and Animals in the Local Environment
Helping Plants Grow
What Do Animals Need to Live?
What Do Plants Need to Grow?

Paint and Make - African Grassland
Place Animals in Habitats
Animal Homes
Find Animals in Their Habitats

Earth Systems (Weather):
NeoK12 Water Cycle
Web Weather for Kids
EdHeads Weather Activities
Science Projects: Weather and the Seasons
NeoK12 Seasons
A Song for All Seasons
Water Cycle Video and Quiz
Water Cycle Demo
NASA Video: What Is a Cloud
NASA Video: What Is Weather
NASA Video: What Is a Hurricane
NASA Video: Hurricane Hunters

3rd Grade Science

Physical Science:

     Matter and Energy

Changing States of Matter
NeoK12 States of Matter
NASA: Matter Changing Shape
Harcourt Melting and Boiling Activity
BBC Melting and Freezing Activity
Water Changing State
Quia Solids Liquids and Gases
Changing States of Matter Video
Footprint Science States Of Matter
Scholastic States of Matter

     Forces and Motion:
Forces in Action
Forces and Movement
Pushes and Pulls
NASA: States of Matter
EdHeads: Simple Machines
NeoK12 Simple Machines
NASA: How Pulleys Work

Living Systems:
EcoKids Food Chain
What Is An Ecosystem?
Food Chains
Interactive Foodchains
Make a Foodchain
The Food Chain Game

Earth's Cycles:
Seasons Demo
Science and Nature:  The Seasons
Cycles in Nature
Interactive Earth Sun Moon
Animation Earth Circles the Sun
Interactive Length of Day
Phases of the Moon Animation
Day Year Seasons Animation
Seasons Animation
What Causes the Seasons?
NeoK12 Videos About Seasons
NASA Video The Moon

4th Grade Science

Physical Science:

NeoK12 Videos About Electricity
NeoK12 Videos About Magnetism
Atomic Structure Animation
Balloons and Static Electricity
Static Electricity Simulation
The Electicity Book Simple Circuits
Circuit Construction Kit
Interactive Circuits Activity
Interactive Physics Modules
How Do Magnets Work?
Changing Circuits
Electrical Conductors
Using Electricity

Living Systems:

     Ecosystems / Food Webs:

NeoK12 Ecosystems
Food Chains and Food Webs
Changes in Biological Energy
Harcourt Ecosystem Energy Pyramid
Food Webs
Harcourt Fun With Food Webs
Lions and Antelope Simulation
Producers Consumers Decomposers Game
Critters Virtual Lab

Minibeast Identification
Minibeast Mystery
Classification Game
Animal Characteristics Game
Categorize Animals Game

Hands On Astronomy Activities 
NeoK12 Solar System
Animated Solar System
Space Quiz
The Planets
Planet Families:  Build a Solar System
Eight Planets and a Dwarf - Sudoku

     Gravity and Tides:
NASA's KSNN:  What Is Gravity?
Cycles in Nature
Tides and Gravity Lab
Why Tides?
NASA: What Is a Tide?

5th Grade Science

Physical Science:

NeoK12 Atom
NeoK12 Periodic Table
Atomic Structure of a Soda Can
Label Atomic Structure
Interactive Matter
Animation: States of Matter
Heat and States of Matter
PhET Interactive Simulation:  States of Matter

Living Systems:
Cells Alive!
Animal and Plant Cells
Carbon Cycle
NeoK12 Cell Structures
NeoK12 Photosynthesis
NeoK12 Plants

Earth Systems:
What On Earth Is Plate Techtonics?
NeoK12 Earth
Scrips Institute - Earth Like a Puzzle
Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Plate Techtonics
USGS - Earthquake Center
Volcano World
NeoK12 Volcanoes
The Rock Cycle
Earth Structure
Plate Action
Plate Techtonic Cycle